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Jilin Jinyue transportation equipment Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the "new third board" market in September 2014.


Introduction to the new third board:
Since March 2014, Jinyue company has begun to prepare for the listing of the new third board. The intermediary agencies are the sponsor securities company CAIDA Securities Co., Ltd., the legal advisers are Beijing Junjia law firm and zhongzhun accounting firm, and the project team of the new third board of Jinyue transportation. With the efforts and assistance of the intermediary agencies, after half a year, On September 5, 2014, the company received a notice from the national stock transfer system for small and medium-sized enterprises, agreed to the listing of "Jinyue transportation" in the stock transfer system, and finally officially listed on September 22, 2014, reached the listing expectation, and realized the leap from the standardized operation of Jinyue transportation to the operation of listed companies.
Stock Name: Jinyue transportation
Stock Code: 831150

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